Ironclad: High-Tech Approach to Glove Design

Performance work gloves by Ironclad give your hands a replacement lease with their high-tech approach to glove design as Ironclad gloves are created to shield as well as providing comfort for your hands when doing daily works. Ironclad has developed & owns 74 Patents and Trademarks worldwide and they are exclusive properties as a part of Advanced Glove Technology (AGT) that can be seen in every glove from Ironclad.

The initial impression that you will notice about these gloves is that they are tailored to fit the natural curve hands in a resting position rather than being cut straight. This feature allows your hand to relax while it is not operating. The palm of Ironclad gloves are mostly made from synthetic material which mimics the resilience & grip as well as machine-washable and proof against water injury. These features possibly making Ironclad gloves become the toughest-grip gloves you will ever worn.

The fingertips are mostly strengthened so you will have no drawback with simple tasks such as picking up coins.

While the gloves are water proof, they won’t keep your hands dry for long if you are operating in very wet conditions. These gloves fit great and allow you to do various works. The style is very well designed together with the soft backing and extra grip on the fingers.

Honestly – Ironclad gloves are some of the toughest, most comfortable, and best-to-work-in gloves we have ever tried until this moment.

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